AQUARIUM Streaming Guidelines

AQUARIUM Streaming Guidelines


About Videos and Live streams

Uploading videos and live streams featuring AQUARIUM is allowed for private individuals, as well as those employed by a company or organization, as long as they contain personal additions such as commentary.

There are no restrictions for the trial version.

Recording or streaming of the full version, however, is limited to the first two chapters. Please do not publish any game content (visuals or sound) beyond the end of Chapter 2. "Watchalong" videos or streams that feature someone reacting to the game without showing the game itself (visuals or sound) are allowed.

As long as these guidelines are respected - along with the below guidelines relating to derivative works - monetizing content on video sharing platforms such as YouTube, Niconico, Twitch, TwitCasting, etc., is allowed. This includes YouTube Partner Program features such as Super Chats, Niconico's Creator Incentive Program, and others.

However, please be aware that the opening song "Stay Blue" is registered with Content ID.

Streaming the game's title screen and menus with the sound turned on may result in it being detected.

Clips from the game that include open (burned-in) captions or similar additions are seen as derivative works and are allowed. However, please do not upload videos or streams that simply show part or all of the game without any editing or commentary.

When publishing a video or stream, please include the following text in the description:

Sample Consent Text

This video (or "stream") follows (or "is monetized in accordance to") the guidelines published on the game's official website. It'll go no further than the end of Chapter 2. Please purchase the game if you're interested in seeing how the story continues.

AQUARIUM Official Website

Sample Copyright Message

© 2016 COVER Corp. © ENTERGRAM

About Screenshots and Other Images

Uploading screenshots or other imagery from the full version of the game is limited to content contained within the first two chapters. No restrictions apply to the trial version.

About Derivative Works

Please respect the guidelines on the hololive production official website.

Further Details

The actions listed below may result in content removal, or - if warnings are ignored - legal ramifications.

● Publishing content that causes discomfort to the cast and/or staff
● Selling the game or its data
● Damaging the reputation of the game, the brand, or the people involved
● Publishing content that goes against moral standards, including slander and defamation
● Publishing content that touches upon the core of the game's story (spoilers)
● Redistributing the game or any of its content to a third party, regardless of whether this is done for financial gain
The above guidelines are subject to change. A notice will be posted on the official website and Twitter(X) in this case.

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